Explain data by state of computer-s electrical switches

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Write a 200- to 350-word paper, APA format, which describes the distinctions of data and information and briefly explains the process a computer uses to convert data into information.

o Consider the following: Computers use a completely different language than people, yet they communicate effectively with people.

o Distinguish between computer data represented by the state of a computer's electrical switches and the meaningful information that is displayed to the user.

Reference no: EM1369464

Battle between cyber criminals and law enforcement

The battle between cyber criminals and law enforcement (and information security professionals) the world over is a constant tug-of-war. From most perspectives, law enforce

Standard of electronic industries association of america

For connecting modem a computer, a computer must be equipped with a port that conforms to the RR-32 standard of the electronic industries association of America. What do the

Does http have any session-layer features

In Chapter 1, we mentioned that the TCP/IP suite, unlike the OSI model, has no session layer. But an application-layer protocol can include some of the features defined in t

Determine the utilization factor of the plant

A textile plant requires 4 kg/s of saturated steam at 2 MPa, which is extracted from the turbine of a cogeneration plant. Steam enters the turbine at 8 MPa and 500°C at a ra

Let l be a language over s

Please answer the question by the following format: example:Let L be a language over Σ = {0, 1}, construct a DFSA that accepts it, as well as a regex that denotes it for the f

What are the advantages of that method and disadvantages

a company has two building that are 50 meters (roughly 50 yards) apart. Between the building is private land owned by the company. A large walk-through tunnel connects the two

Implement a contractionary monetary policy

By how much has the money supply increased or decreased? If the money multiplier is 5, how much money will ultimately be created by this event? If the Fed wanted to implement

Perform a brute-force attack with unknown iv

Keeping the IV secret in OFB mode does not make an exhaustive key search more complex. Describe how we can perform a brute-force attack with unknown IV. What are the require


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