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Question: Now that we have defined your project and have a clear level of expectation of what it consists of we need to determine the level of resources will be required for the success of the project. Resources are a challenge in any organization because they are shared resources and not dedicated.

Answer the following 2 questions:

1. Examine, analyze, and explain what resources you will need for your project at a high level. You will need to define why the resources you selected are critical to project success?

2. Since it is expected that these resources are shared with other departments within your business define what you see as challenges in getting these resources assigned to the project?


Reference no: EM13991393

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1. The primary resource required for the project is - skilled manpower and it is the most critical element as the outcome of the project will depend on their dexterity and commitment to the project (Will expand on this) 2. The core challenge in sharing them might be their availability and commitment to the project to finish it within timelines and their relevant experience in the project (Will expand on this)

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