Executive summary and marketing plan

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Executive Summary and Marketing Plan

Create a written document that includes the following: Executive Summary (2-pages) that explains why the organization and project type were selected along with a justification of the importance of this effort. Marketing Plan (3-pages) that will be used to communicate key opportunities to the Board of Directors. Your marketing plan should reflect your selected organization and project type and may contain a variety of the following components: Specific goals and SMART objectives Detailed explanations of product, price, place, and promotion of the project type chosen Supporting information for this initiative (For example, this may include information on the market audit, target audience, and demographics). Marketing strategy and business communication standards to be used Assessment of due diligence (any operational, financial, or human resources requirements needed to implement the plan) Description of any benchmarks from other competitors or industries Specific marketing actions Specific explanations of necessary budget, revenue, and staff Limitations to implementing the plan.

Reference no: EM132280852

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