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1-The evaluator should consider using an evaluation design to gather both qualitative and quantitative data because this means the evaluator will get both types of data, each of which has different value and utility. Quantitative data is easily measured while qualitative data can provide valuable feedback.

2- The connection between HRD and evaluation is that evaluation is a tool used by human resource development professionals to gain important information needed for their HRD roles. HRD has a purpose of trying to improve organizational performance by improving peoples' performance through increased learning. Evaluations are an objective and very useful way to measure whether learning is occurring and to what degree. Human resource development professionals use evaluations to determine people's reactions to trainings and gain important feedback on how to improve learning/training. Human resource development professionals use this information to improve trainings and increase learning.

6- This evaluation design is called a Pretest-Posttest Control-Group Design. This design's strengths include: (1) it allows the evaluator to compare pretest and posttest data, (2) it provides evidence over a period of time, and (3) it uses a control group to reduce the effects of history and maturation on the evaluation quality. This design's weaknesses include: (1) it may use more resources than other designs, (2) it may be hard to find and use a control group, and (3) some people can be lost from the sample over time (attrition).

7- In order for the evaluator and stakeholders to gain qan understanding of the evaluation's background and the evaluation's purpose, a logic model of the program must be developed in order for it to be evaluated.

The theory that drives a program and a visual description of how a program is supposed to operate is a logic model.

What are the assumption underlying this program?

For this process to be executed, what resources will need to be used? Will it be the human, financial, or organizational resource that is used?

What will be done to make sure the resources used produce the products and outcomes needed?

What direct products (or outputs) will provide confirmation that the program or process was actually executed?

What instant outcomes do you expect from this program or process?

What long term outcomes do you expect?

8- Evaluation is a process of trying to decide whether something (an evaluand) has value or to decide how much value it has. Evaluation requires collecting data that can be used to make specific judgments about questions or issues. Human resources development practitioners can use evaluations to learn how well people do their jobs or to learn how well programs, processes, trainings, change initiatives and/or interventions are performing their stated objectives. Evaluations are a scientific way of making these decisions based on actual data rather than subjective judgments. Evaluations help human resource development professionals make the best possible decisions, leading to the most effective programs, trainings, and processes.

9- Politics and fear of change can cause some people to be concerned about the evaluation process. People may have hidden agendas or conflicts of interest and may be concerned about what objective evaluation will bring to fruition.

10- Research is used by scientists for a broader purpose than evaluation, which is used by organizations particularly human resource development professionals. Research can be used to decide whether a problem exists, to test theories, and to confirm results.

Research is usually published in professional or scientific journals. Evaluations are used by organizations to learn and improve human resource development. The information gained from evaluations is not published; rather, it is used internally to improve programs or processes.

Reference no: EM13861030

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