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As you know, an Ethernet packet contains:

  • An Ethernet frame header, 
  • An IP header, 
  • A Transport Layer header (TCP or UDP), and 
  • Some user-level data. 

Suppose that an Ethernet packet is given and its hexadecimal dump is shown as below, where the Ethernet preamble and the Ethernet checksum trailer have been removed. Manually decode this Ethernet packet, and determine the values of the fields.

Hexadecimal dump of the packet:

00e0 f726 3fe9 0800 2086 354b 0800 
4500 0028 
08b9 4000 
ff06 999a 
8b85 d96e 
8b85 e902 
9005 0017 
7214 f115 
9431 1028 
5010 2238 
1c80 0000

Additional Information:

This question is it from Computer Science, Networking and it explains about manually decoding ethernet packets and estimating the values of the fields.

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Reference no: EM13829586

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