Estimating fundamental frequency from speech signals

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Estimating Fundamental Frequency from Speech Signals

In this project you will implement and evaluate a system for estimating the fundamental frequency, F0 of speech signals.  You are given MATLAB utilities and commands to help you with this task.  You are also given a set of speech files that you will use for evaluating your system.  This document contains a series of MATLAB tasks that are to be completed.  All MATLAB code and plots are to be handed in as part of your lab report. The techniques investigated here were originally presented in [1].

The archive,, associated with this document contains two directories.  One contains four 30-second long speech files with associated reference annotation files.  This data will be described in Section 3 of this document. The other contains the MATLAB mfiles that will help you read in the data and evaluate performance.   The MATLAB resources that you will need are described in Section 4.

For the whole question, please refer to Question.PDF in the Zip file.

Additional Information:

This question is from Computer Science, particularly to Matlab programming language. This question particularly deals with determining fundamental frequency from speech signals using Matlab. The audio files are attached in the Zip file, along with solution.

Reference no: EM13829678

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