Estimate the pressure gradient required to maintain cardiac

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A patient has a stenotic mitral valve which has a reduced effective orifice area of 1.0 cm^2. The systolic ejection period is 330 milliseconds with a heart rate of 70 beats/min. The mean aortic gradient (as measured by echocardiography) is 25 mmHg. Using the Gorlin equation, estimate the pressure gradient required to maintain a cardiac output of 4500 mL/min.

Reference no: EM1398523

Why does the muslim world lag in science

Why Does the Muslim World Lag in Science? Take time to reflect on what you have learned and write 1-2 paragraphs on how you personally bring science and religion together.

What are the top rules that must be met

Criteria:1)    Select a specific journal and provide a reference. 2)    What is the scope of the journal (topics, what kind of research, etc)? 3)    What is the target audienc

Explain how muscle sense is involved in juggling

Find some old tennis balls or any type of similar object and try juggling two balls with one hand, or three balls with two hands. Explain how muscle sense is involved in jug

Finding frequency after one generation

Suppose a farmer wants to use genetically-modified crop in order to reduce cost on pesticides. The resistance gene, R, that provides protection for the crops is dominant and o

Show the punnett square and phenotype

Cross a vestigial winged fruit fly that is heterozygous for normal body color with an ebony fly that is heterozygous for normal wings. These traits are located on different

Phylogenetic relationship between different group

Maternal care behavior has been documented in diverse groups as insects, fish, and mammals. Explain why would it probably be a mistake to use maternal care as character in any

Problem regarding the magoo inheritance

Magoos are a species of monsters that exhibit the same patterns of inheritance as humans. A magoo can be blue, yellow or green and may or may not have horns, wings or a tail

How many offspring are produced per female that year

let r=1.5 and d=0.5, where r and d are the growth and death rates of some semelparous species. If reproduction only occurs during year two, how many offspring are produced p


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