Estimate the pressure gradient required to maintain cardiac

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A patient has a stenotic mitral valve which has a reduced effective orifice area of 1.0 cm^2. The systolic ejection period is 330 milliseconds with a heart rate of 70 beats/min. The mean aortic gradient (as measured by echocardiography) is 25 mmHg. Using the Gorlin equation, estimate the pressure gradient required to maintain a cardiac output of 4500 mL/min.

Reference no: EM1398523

Hardy weinberg equilibrium to the blood groups

Suppose that all four possible blood phenotype a are at present in a particular population that is in hardy Weinberg equilibrium with respect to the abo blood groups.

Chemical compound commonly found in the environment

A graduate student injects 8 rats with a chemical compound commonly found in the environment and finds that all of the rats die within a few days. Eager to publish her resul

Percentage of the non-albino children are carriers of albin

A man with albinism (recessive trait) and a woman with a normal phenotype have several children, one of whom displays albinism. What is the genotype of the mother? What perc

Population in lake maracaibo in venezuela

The mutation for Huntington's disease appears to have originated in Western Europe, with a prevalence of 7 in 100,000 people. However, an isolated population in Lake Maracai

Analyze next-generation sequencing data

Comp 7/ Bio 40 Project: Reliability of Metagenomics Reads. We are going to focus on the most specific level of taxonomic classification reported by our software, the genus le

Order of bases in thenon coding strand of dna

If the sequence of amino acids coded for by a strand of DNA is: alanine-valine-lysine-leucine-serine-serine-asparagine-leucine   what is the order of bases in thenon coding 

Monitored changes of ff-gfr-rpf

A 5 year old child had some days of nausea & vomiting.Now his mucous & mouth dry.He is lethargic also. Describe his monitored changes of FF, GFR & RPF?(mark whether decrease o

What is the explanation of ratio

If the purple-flowered plant is heterozygous for both traits, the expected ratio in the offspring is 1 purple-serrated: 1 purple-smooth:1 white-serrated:1 white-smooth. Inst


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