Estimate the number of ideal stages required

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Acetone is to be recovered from an aqueous waste stream by continuous distillation. The feed contains 10 mol% acetone. Acetone of at least 95 mol% purity is wanted, and the aqueous effluent must not contain more than 1 mol% acetone. The feed will be a saturated liquid. Estimate the number of ideal stages required.

Reference no: EM131157449

Calculate the kci concentration in the tank

Solve the mass balance equation to obtain an expression for V (t). Then substitute for V in the potassium chloride balance and solve for C (t). Calculate the KCI concentrati

Determining the standard normal distribution

The scaling factor k must be such that the total probability is one. Therefore, we have k = 1/36. The table shows one instance where x + y >5, which is x = 3, y = 3. The pro

Determine the resultant mmf

A two-pole, three-phase synchronous generator has a balanced three-phase winding with 15 turns per phase. If the three-phase currents are given by ia = 100 cos 377t, ib = 10

Salts in the formula equation

What acid and what strong base would react in aqueous solution to produce the following salts in the formula equation? Write the balanced formula equation for each reaction.

What are the chemical properties of a radioactive substance

Assume the amount of radioactivity is the same in each case. Explain your answer on the basis of the chemical properties of Sr and Xe. Why are the chemical properties of a r

Estimate the temperature of the gas when it emerges

A reservoir contains natural gas at a pressure of 5000 psig and a temperature of 180 °F. The composition of the gas is 80% methane, 15% ethane, and 5% CO2 (all fractions a

Pressure inside the vessel remains 38.6 kpa.identify liquid

A vessel holding some liquid is placed in a vacuum chamber that is constantly pumped. Gas leaks from the vessel into the vacuum through a small hole, radius 4.15 micro m, bu

Find drying time for the constant-rate period

Slabs of filter cake with a bone-dry density of 1,600 kg/m3 are to be dried from an initial free-moisture content of 110% (dry basis) to a final free-moisture content of 5%


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