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You have been recently employed as the director of operations of a hotel. The hotel is in a relatively large city with many other comparable hotels in its vicinity. As part of your job, your responsibilities include:

  • Establishing a sound data and information infrastructure to support ongoing hotel operations.
  • Determining what data you should collect on an ongoing basis and how you should use that data to make effective decisions aimed at balancing high occupancy with high per-room profitability
  • Determining what information you will need to be able to effectively market your hotel
  • Establishing a basic monthly reporting infrastructure that will enable you to keep track of the key performance metrics

Create a Microsoft Word documentlisting three different operational functionsfor your hotel. Examples of hotel functions include setting daily room rates, attracting events (meetings, conferences, etc.), managing hotel material, etc.

-For each function, specify what data you would need to help you manage the function better

-how you would analyze the data (using one or more of the descriptive techniques)

-what type of data individual variables represent (e.g., interval)

-how you would tabulate or graph the data you collected for each function

-For example, to set daily room prices, you can use historical sales data to compute average daily prices, a measure of dispersion to estimate up-and-down volatility, and histograms to graphically illustrate occupancy rates associated with different price levels.

Reference no: EM13223037

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