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Some citizens complained to city council members that there should be equal protection under the law against the occurrence of crimes. The citizens argued that this equal protection should be interpreted as indicating that high-crime areas should have more police protection than low-crime areas. Therefore, police patrols and other methods for preventing crime (such as street lighting or cleaning up abandoned areas and buildings) should be used proportionately to crime occurrence. The city has been broken down into 20 geographic areas, each containing 4,850 residences. The 970 sampled from each area showed the following incidence of crime during the past month: AREA NUMBER OF CRIMES SAMPLE SIZE CRIME RATE 1 14 970 0.014 2 4 970 0.004 3 19 970 0.020 4 18 970 0.019 5 14 970 0.014 6 28 970 0.029 7 10 970 0.010 8 17 970 0.018 9 12 970 0.012 10 5 970 0.005 11 20 970 0.021 12 15 970 0.015 13 12 970 0.012 14 14 970 0.014 15 10 970 0.010 16 30 970 0.031 17 6 970 0.006 18 20 970 0.021 19 8 970 0.008 20 30 970 0.031 306 a. Determine 1formula80.mml, Sp, UCL and LCL for a p chart of 95 percent confidence (at Z = 1.96). (Round your answers to 4 decimal places.) 1 formula 80.mml Sp UCL LCL b. What can you say about the process? Process is in statistical control. Process is out of statistical control

Reference no: EM131030664

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