Ensuring sound operations and transaction processing

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Provide an original and substantive response to the questions posed in your Journal in a minimum of 200 words.

You read about various internal controls that should be in place for ensuring sound operations and transaction processing. Internal control is a favorite topic of auditing students, since a lot of the internal controls you learned about can be applied to your jobs right now! Students enjoy bringing these internal control suggestions to their supervisors to improve processes.

  • What are some control weaknesses you now see at your current (or past) jobs that you did not see before?
  • What are your suggested improvements?
  • If you do not have work experience to apply internal controls to, what are some controls you learned about that you were not aware of previously? Explain those controls and how they help prevent errors and fraud.

Reference no: EM13817941

The value of any asset is

The value of any asset is the ________.a. present value of the sum of all future cash flows it is expected to provide over the relevant time period.b. sum of all future cash f

The following information is available for pacilio security

The following information is available for Pacilio Security Services Inc. for 2011, its first year of operations. Pacilio provides security services for local sporting events.

Changes in the workforce or employee needs

What changes in the workforce or employee needs caused the company to adapt? What did the company do to respond to those changes? Was the company's response voluntary or leg

Determining the degrees of freedom

To see if these results are unusual, will you test goodness- of-fit, homogeneity, or independence? State your hypotheses. Check the conditions. How many degrees of freedom are

Briefly discuss the types of ethical issues

Briefly discuss the types of ethical issues involved in computerized accounting information systems and how organizations can encourage their employees to act ethically.

How is inventory described for your sec company

How is inventory described for your SEC 10-K company? LIFO, FIFO, and / or average cost? Relate your answer to topics in our course. Cost and sources for production material

Understanding of issues regarding technology

How the case compares and contrasts with the organization's stance/response in the textbook case study, as well as how the LexisNexis case furthers your understanding of iss

Hartford research issues bonds dated january

Hartford Research issues bonds dated January 1, 2013, that pay interest semiannually on June 30 and December 31. The bonds have a $ 40,000 par value and an annual contract rat


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