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Develop an employee suggestion program from scratch (assume nothing currently exists at the company). Identify how employees will be able to submit suggestions, who will evaluate these, how promptly each will be evaluated, whether the employee is rewarded and how, and what role the employee can play in the implementation of approved suggestions. Include a form (that you develop) that will be used for submitting suggestions that captures the information needed to accurately evaluate the suggestion. Incorporate all of this into a document that can be distributed to employees to make them aware of the program and how they can participate in it.

Reference no: EM131225740

What is teslas major business and industry

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Aspect of organizational behavior

Please describe in a 6 page Research paper aspect of Organizational Behavior and describe the specific cases of its application as located in the contemporary literature.

New system to streamline the process

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Effective emergency manager to possess

Suggest two professional competencies that you believe are necessary for an effective emergency manager to possess. Detail a specialized training or educational requirement


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