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  • Imagine that you have been asked to design a GPS product that will have voice recognition and Bluetooth capability. Discuss and conceptualize a user interaction model. Predict two (2) problems that may arise in GPS products with voice recognition and Bluetooth capability. Recommend solutions for each of these issues.
  • Attention is one of the six cognition processes. When attention is applied to a design, the goal is to make it easier for the end user to quickly locate where he / she should type information on the computer or mobile device screen. Compare and contrast how theGoogle search engineand the Microsoft Bing search engine employ the attention cognition process. Provide your opinion as to which search engine better employs the attention cognition process and explain why.

Reference no: EM131248110

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Create a 8 - 12 slide power point that discusses whether cognitive overload is a problem in work or education. What personal and organizational solutions can you recommend f

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Write a program to find the answer for the following question: Entering the number of days from your console to obtain years, weeks and remaining days. Assume 1 year has 365

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1) What is meant by the term "Digital Divide" in relation to the Internet? Which groups of people are most negatively affected by the Digital Divide, and why? What are some


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