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Question 1: A(n) __________ is a syllogism in which the major premise is unacknowledged; thus it can address probabilities rather an verifiable information and can employ ethical and emotional arguments as well as logical arguments.

A. logical conclusion

B. false syllogism

C. enthymeme

D. rebuttal

Question2: The ten most common reasons that proposals are turned down include lack of new or original ideas, absence of acceptable scientific rationale, and:

A. poor grammar and other written conventions.

B. uncertainty concerning the future direction.

C. scope of the work is too narrow.

D. plan is too specifically focused.

Question 3: Which of the following parts of the proposal explains the methodology that will be used to implement the plan?

A. Approach

B. Benefits

C. Evaluation

D. Plan

Question 4: Proposals are usually intended for management personnel or external readers and may range from __________ pages in length.

A. 2030

B. 50150

C. a few to several hundred

D. 15

Reference no: EM13788620

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