Effectiveness of hris in hr operations
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The Impact of HRIS on HR Operation Effectiveness

A)  Report Structure:

1. Acknowledgements - It is the norm to thank those individuals who have provided assistance during your project.

2. Table of contents: This shows the major and minor sections and outlines the structure. It should also contain a list of diagrams, charts, tables and so on.

3. Executive summary: it very briefly summarizes the contents of the whole report. It is important as it helps the reader to decide whether it is worth reading the whole report.

Main Part

1. Introduction: This tells the reader what your report contains. Here you should give the reader an idea of the problems you found, your method of research, the objectives of your study, and source and methods of collecting data.

2. Body of the Report: This is the largest part of your report and it should be logically ordered, easy to read and easy to understand. One way of presenting it well is to number the sections (or main headings), sub-headings and points. For example:

1. Sub-heading

1.1 First point.

1.2 Second point relating to the same sub-heading.

3. Conclusion and Recommendations: here you summarize your report very briefly, noting the main points of the data. The conclusion of the report should answer what you said you wanted to accomplish in your problem statement.

Final Part

1. Appendices: this is where you put any supplementary material that would interrupt the flow of the body of the report it could include summary tables, charts, data, etc. 

2. References:

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