Each product has a different profit margin

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Each product has a different profit margin.  The CoQ-10 product has a 10% profit margin.  This means if $80 is sold, the profit is 0.10*80 or $8.  The profit margin for Iron is 15%, and the profit margin for Zinc is 5% (which is a multiplication factor of 0.05).  In E3, calculate the total profit for January from the sales of the three products.  You will need to type in the formula rather than use a function (like SUM) to do this.  Remember that to multiply, you must use the asterisk symbol (hold shift while hitting the 8 key).  Do the same to determine the February and March profits.In A9, type Total Profit in bold and italics.   In E9, determine the total profit.  Fill this cell with a different color so that it stands out.  Save your spreadsheet with the filename LastNameWeek6 and upload it in the assignment area.

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Reference no: EM13935084

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