Due to potential problems with its breaking system
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Explain whether each of the following statements describes a change in demand or a change in quantity demanded, and specify whether each change represents an increase or a decrease.

a. Baby Steps Footwear experiences a 40 percent increase in sales of baby shoes during a 3-day, half-price sale.

b. Tabitha gets a promotion and 15 percent increase in her salary and decides to reward herself by purchasing a new 3-D television.

c. When the price of peaches unexpectedly rises, many consumers choose to purchase plums instead.

d. Due to potential problems with its breaking system, Asteriod Motors has experienced a decline in sales of its Galactica automobile.

e. Antonio, an accountant working for the city of Santa Cristina,decides to forego his annual vacation to Hawaii when word leaks out that the city may be cutting all employees’ salaries by 10 percent at the end of the year

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