Draw the sidewalk or pavers you choose to use
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Page 1 - Site Map

- Show the whole area includes pond existing bordering sidewalks & roads.

- Show all property boundaries -label sites, draw horizontal alignment for proposed sidewalks, label stations no need to show trees or lamps/electrical boxes, extra credit if you do.

- Include a legend-label horizontal alignment property boundaries, pond, road & existing sidewalks.

- Include north arrow.

- Include line table-label all lines for all sites data will be given to you for all boundaries once I get them.

Page 2 - Site Plan   

Draw only your site include all boundaries lines, show horizontal alignment(s) as it crosses your site, Label property lines length & direction on the lines themselves.

Draw the sidewalk/pavers you choose to use & include horizontal alignment, include all features in your site- lamps, trees, cement pads and label stations along the sidewalk. Include legend & north arrow.

Page 3 - Plan & Profit

If everything can fit neatly on this page you can stop here, If your page is crowded and hard to read you will loose points so it may be a good idea to sketch page layout before committing to these drawings. You must have a plan view which focuses soley on the sidewalk, you have proposed for the site Label stations points that fall into your site. Show one section curt label section - find on page.

You must have a profit which shows elevational changes along horizontal alignment remember vertical exagesation. If your section & detail & notes fit on this page, do so.

Page 4 - Sections & details

Section: Shows the sidewalk/pavers in section as they are attached to the earth.

Details: Zoom in and show detail makes it count the above detail isn't worth doing show instead slope of earth away from sidewalk.

Assignment Link - https://www.dropbox.com/s/pewqshz7oylv26w/Assignment.rar?dl=0.

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