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Where does a society draw boundaries between technological advancement and the cost to that society?  How or has the balance between the benefits of technological innovation and the human cost changed since the Industrial Revolution? I need 300 - 500 words thank you

links for resources are:

  1. Read "Dirt, Waste and Revulsion: How Cultures Cope with Leftovers and Mess" (experts discuss and contextualize Dirt: The Filthy Reality of Everyday Life).
  2. Read "Lighting the Industrial Revolution" by Peter Lewis.
  3. Read "History of Railways in Britain."
  4. View the charts from "Spread of Railways in [the] 19th Century."
  5. Read up to "Mapmaking and Printing" of History of Railroads and Maps.
  6. Read "Textiles and the Early British Industrial Revolution" by Pamela E. Mack.
  7. Read "The Worlds of Burke and Hare" by Lisa Rosner.
  8. Read "Henry L. Gantt and Frederick Taylor: The Pioneers of Scientific Management" by Peter B. Darmody.

Reference no: EM13874543

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