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Pressure drop across the following components is 5 psi: steam-jet air ejectors (SJAE), gland steam condenser (GSC), strainers, and low-pressure economizer.

Velocity of the fluid in the system is constant (10 ft/s).

Temperature of the fluid at the inlet 110 ?.

Fluid flow rate is held constant at 1.75 Mlb/hr.

Pressure upstream of the system: 1.258 psia.

Pressure downstream of the system: 144 psi.

System inlet elevation from the ground: 4 ft.

System outlet elevation from the ground: 50 ft.

Water density: 61.858 Ib/ft3.

Water viscosity: 0.6 Cp.


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Question :Project Deliverables:

1.  Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (Drawing)

2. System Description (Document)

a. What is the function of the system?
b. Components of System
c. How the system operates
3. Calculations for the system including (Document, Spreadsheet, etc.)
a. All assumptions made for calculations
b. Head loss for the piping system
c. Pump head and flow
d. Design Temperature and Pressure of the system
e. Pipe material type and size
f. Pipe minimum wall thickness and pressure class of the system
g. For Fuel Gas
- Wall thickness calculation of final filter based on ASME Section VIII
h. For Fire Water and Service Water
Full weight, footprint and size of tank required for each system

Reference no: EM13874547

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