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The area of a rectangle is the rectangle's length times its width. Can someone draw an example flowchart that asks for the length and width of two rectangles and display a message that tell the user which rectangle has the greater area, or whether the areas are the same.

Reference no: EM132183862

New string and the string''s length

Copy first half and last half of the characters into two other strings. Print the two strings. Form a new string like this:  _? . (first half of the string followed by the 3 c

What is the runtime complexity class of a sequential search

What is the runtime complexity class of a sequential search on an unsorted array? What is the runtime complexity class of the modified sequential search on a sorted array?

Expansion and closed for modification

The most important fact is that your design/code needs to be opened for expansion and closed for modification; i.e. we want to be able to expand the functionality by pluggin

Write a recursive function called add_digits

Write a recursive function called ‘add_digits’ that takes an integer as a parameter and adds its digits. For example, if we call this function with the parameter n=1234, the r

Program to find out median selling price

Input selling prices of all homes in Botany Bay sold during year 2002 and find out median selling price. The median of a list of N numbers is.

Minimum number of coins

Suppose we live where there are coins for 1, 4, and 6 units, and we have to make change for 8 units. Show the solution of this problem by dynamic programming. Hint: Find the

Problem regarding the fuel consumption rating

The Gather's have 2 cars. Last year, one car was driven about 13 500 km and has a fuel consumption rating of 8.1L/100km and 55 625km was put on the other car which has a fue

Implement the algorithm bfs for finding the shortest path

Modify the previous program to check whether a path exists between two cells without finding all possible paths. Test the program with a matrix 100x100 filled only with pass


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