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Draw an ER diagram using the IDEF1X Notation and ERWIN for the following two applications. .If you discover that the following narrative is incomplete, make up reasonable explanations to complete the description. State clearly your assumptions. Your assumptions should not contradict the assumptions stated in the narrative. You may download a trail version of ERWIN

Submit a hard copy of your diagram.

1.The software maintains and manages information related to employees, rooms, committees, and committee meetings of a company. The information

include at least the following data:

Employee: IDNumber, Full Name, Office Location, Telephone Number, Department,  and Position.

Employee's Schedule: Date, Start Time, End Time, and Task .

Room: Building Number, Room Number, and Capacity.

Room Schedule: Date, Start Time, End Time, and Status.

Committee: Title, Chair's Name , Chair'sIDNumber, and Members.

Committee Meeting: Meeting Number, Date, Start Time, and End Time.

2. A software product that records and tracks all your bank accounts. The main menu shows the following possible transactions:

NewAccount: Enter information of a new bank account: BankName, Account#;

DeleteAccount: Delete an account;

Deposit: Enter information of every deposit transaction using Account# or BankName: Date, Amount, amount of CashOut;

Withdraw: Enter the information of every withdraw transaction using Account# or BankName: Date , Amount;

EnterCheck: Enter information of each check you write: Check#, CheckDate, Amount, ToWhom, ForWhat;

EnterStatement: Enter the information of each bank statement you receive: StatementDate, StartDate, EndDate, Balance, and a single line for each,

Check cashed including: Check#, CheckDate, Amount, DateCashed;

Deposit: Date, Amount;

Withdraw: Date, Amount.

Reference no: EM132281044

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