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(a) Draft a level 1 Data Flow Diagram for the given case study

(b) How would you cross validate the Data Flow Diagram with the models given in the case study. Give concrete examples


(a) Draw an Entity Relationship Diagram for the given case study. Show entities and relationships on the diagram (attributes should not be shown). Cardinality and optionality of relationships should be shown

(b) What is a relationship constraint?

(c) Give an example of a relationship constraint between E5 Airport and E3 Flight Movement

(d) Comment on the way availability of vehicles is managed (Tip: outline any errors or inconsistencies present in the case study)


(a) Draw an Entity Access Matrix for the given case study

(b) Draw an Effect Correspondence Diagram for the event EV6 Servicing of Customer Movement

(c) Allocate operations to the ECD above

(d) Comment on the way EV6 has been defined


Reference no: EM132807

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