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Case Study

1. Choose a case depicting a morally problematic situation in professional practice:

a. You may choose a ready-made case from our course materials or from somewhere else, such as from another book or one you find online. If you choose a case from this course, simply indicate the case you are using and provide a citation. If your case is from another source, reproduce the case with your assignment and provide a proper citation.

b. Alternatively, you may develop your own case. You may create a case that is totally fictional or one that is based on your own experience or the experience of someone you know or know of. If you choose a case that is in the news, but you author the case itself by writing and presenting the case description, then this will count as a case that you have created.

2. Choose a professional ethics issue that arises from your chosen case. This should be an issue that you think is interesting and reasonably controversial.

3. Write an ethical analysis of the case, focusing on the issue you choose by following "A Strategy for Understanding, Developing, and Presenting Moral Argument"

4. The grading scheme (below) that will be applied to your case study analysis depends on whether you use a ready-made case or create your own. This allows your tutor the flexibility needed for the two different, but equally legitimate and worthy, ways you could approach this assignment.

Reference no: EM131071

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