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Draw a UML domain model class diagram for the system as described here. Be as specific and accurate as possible, given the information provided. If any information you need is not given explicitly, make realistic assumptions and document them.

Everything for Dogs is a new business that brings together people who are prepared to offer a service for dogs with dog owners looking for that service. Dog lovers offer boarding (in their own home or the dog's home), dog grooming, dog walking and dog training. Owners register on the website and search the Everything for Dogs database to find a suitable service provider in their local area, and contact them to discuss making a booking. If the service provider and the owner are happy then a booking is made. The service providers charge a rate for their service, but the system does not handle the payments.

Everything for Dogs needs a new system to keep track of the owners, dog lovers and services provided. The systems analyst has commenced the requirements analysis and has provided a set of notes for you to draw a domain model class diagram, as follows:

  • The dog lovers providing the service may be boarders, walkers, trainers and groomers, or indeed all four.
  • Information held about the dog lovers is their name, address, suburb, contact phone number, email, and details about the different services they provide along with the rates charged for each service.
  • The dog lovers offer a range of services. Dog sitters have an own home and dog home rate per day; dog groomers have separate charges for wash, trim, nail clipping; dog trainers offer beginner, intermediate and advanced training courses, while dog walkers offer short and long walks.
  • Information held about owners is their name, address, contact phone number and email.
  • Each owner may have many dogs. Each dog has its name, breed, size, and age recorded, along with any special notes about it.
  • Each booking is for a single dog or group of dogs belonging to the same owner for the same time period (e.g. an owner's two dogs may be booked for a wash and trim in the same booking, or may both be taken for a walk at the same time).
  • The owner can add comments and a star rating to the booking after the service has been provided. These comments are used as advertising on the Everything for Dogs site and the star rating is used as one of the search criteria that users can use.

Reference no: EM132281004

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