Drafting of a simple contract

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Drafting of a Simple Contract

For this Project, you will draft a simple contract. The subject of the contract is for a business engaging the services of a grounds maintenance company (i.e., lawn cutting, snow removal, etc.). The focus of this Project is the contract and not the subject of the contract, but rather, have you incorporated the required elements into a basic contract. Your submission must demonstrate that you have thought through each provision and how they fit together. For purposes of completing this Project , at minimum, you will need to include the following in your contract:

  1. All elements required to form a valid and enforceable contract (there should not be any blanks);
  2. Prospective remedies in the even of a breach by either party; and
  3. Your contract should be 1-2 pages in length.DO NOT EXCEED THIS LENGTH.

While all contracts must include certain required elements, there is no one form of appearance for a contract. To that end, I have provided you with a sample of a contract dealing with a different subject matter so you may get a sense of the basic layout of a contract. You may also consult with other contracts which you may observe in the course of your own lives (i.e., leases, purchase agreements, student loan agreements, etc.). CAVEAT TO BORROWING PROVISIONS FROM OTHER CONTRACTS: You must ensure that the entirety of the provisions you are borrowing apply to your particular circumstance. You may need to modify language as will likely be necessary. Failure to do so will evidence a lack of critical thinking and will affect your grade.


In grading your contracts, I will be looking for the following:

  • Have you included the necessary elements of a contract?
  • Have you included the additional elements required by this assignment?
  • Are the required elements of your contract clearly identifiable?
  • Are your agreements expressed in complete sentences?
  • Do your sentences and paragraphs transition well, and represent a logical flow to the subject matter?
  • Do you utilize proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar?
  • Do you include all information (i.e., no blanks)?

While this Project does not strictly fall into APA guidelines, be sure to include title and reference pages in keeping with the guidelines. Identify the topic, your name, course name, instructor name and due date on your title page. If you experience any difficulty, please contact me for assistance.

Reference no: EM131401018

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