Dominate phenotype and recessive phenotype

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Question: There is a population of 100 frogs. 20 are heterozygotes, 30 are homozygous recessive, 25 are homozygous dominate. What is the frequency of the dominate allele? The recessive allele? The dominate phenotype? The recessive phenotype?

Reference no: EM1382054

What do you notice about the source of total energy

what do you notice about the source of total energy? Using the information in TABLE 1 for 13C, can you offer an explanation for the differences between the age groups in the

Briefly describe the development of the human

Briefly describe the development of the human embryo from the formation of the zygote to the point where the three embryonic germ layers develop. List the types of adult tis

Advantages and problems associated with genetically

Identify some advantages and problems associated with genetically modified Bt corn. Should we put a limit on the ability of human beings to modify the genomes of other livin

Type of nonprobability sample

There's no way that four out of every five doctors prefers Fred's Aspirin. Who picks the doctors and how? Is it just one sample of five doctors or many - Aspirin did not dis

What is name of the human disease the organism may cause

What is the name of the human disease or illness this organism may cause? What are the symptoms? How is the disease/illness transmitted? Are there specific tests to detect the

How would these difference from normal control cells promote

Cancer cells from the person suffering from malignant melanoma are analyzed and found to have an elevated ability to bind to laminin; they also secrete much higher than norm

Characteristics between benign and malignant lesions

Describe the difference in lesion characteristics between benign and malignant lesions. Discuss three common benign lesions and three precancerous or cancerous lesions. Must

What is pleiotropy

What is pleiotropy? If two traits are practically always inherited together, is pleiotropy the only possible explanation? Are there any other possibilities? How can you dist


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