Documentation when you make requests of superiors

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1. Why is it important to know your needs and have documentation when you make requests of superiors?

2. What are some of the underlying motivations that prompt individuals to agree to requests that do not directly benefit themselves or their organizations?

3. How are direct-mail sales messages and e-mail sales messages similar, and how are they different?

Reference no: EM132280551

Blue cross and blue shield system

Blue Cross and Blue Shield System (BCBS), which provides healthcare insurance to nearly 33 percent of Americans, is a successful user of predictive analytics. It has establish

Explain the public policy exception to the doctrine

Explain the public policy exception to the doctrine of employment at-will, including stating what the ex-employee must demonstrate to prevail and give an example of the publ

Social scientists have developed variety of theories

To perform well, employees must be motivated. Social scientists have developed a variety of theories on motivation that can be useful to supervisors. Content theories of motiv

What else might you do with information about items lift

Suppose you work at Costco or another major, national, big-box store, and you do a marketbasket analysis and identify the 25 pairs of items in the store that have the highest

Creating 95 percent confidence interval

A study was done to examine whether the perception of service quality at hotels differed by gender. Hotels were randomly selected to rate service items on a 50point scale.

Making a decision about wages and overtime pay

Harrys Sandwich Shop makes great deli sandwiches. Harry employs 3 workers in addition to himself. Allen takes orders and prepares the bread. Barry builds the sandwich with mea

Signifies two trends in the history of the automobile

The movement of garages from a separate part of the property to an integrated room within the house itself signifies two trends in the history of the automobile. First, it mir

Political forces are beyond the control of marketers

Political forces are beyond the control of marketers, and so they can only react to them. There are few costs associated with being socially responsible and satisfying society


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