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Write a GUI application for java for the WebBuy Company that allows a user to compose the three parts of a complete email message: the "To:", "Subject:" and "Message:" text. The "To:", and "Subject:" Text areas should provide a single line for data entry. The "Message:" area should allow multiple lines of input and be able to scroll if necessary to accommodate a long message. The user clicks a button to send the email message.

When the application starts, the text area will display a message listing the options which can be selected. As the user selects and deselects options, the proper additions to that message will be made. Provide a simple error checking to prevent sending and empty message mail.

Reference no: EM131348846

Non-isomorphic graphs with the degree sequence

1.Show that if two graphs have the same degree sequence then they have the same number of vertices and the same number of edges. Find two non-isomorphic graphs with the degr

Content to include grammar and spelling

Your essays will be graded on content to include grammar and spelling.  While there is no end to what you might write you must convey your thoughts in essay of at least four t

Create a binary heap class in python

1. Create a binary heap class in python. 2.The Heap class should have a limited heap size.(the heap only keeps track of the n most important items) 3. pass the max heap size i

Give an estimate of the increase in capacity

Suppose a POCSAG system at 1200 b/s is replaced with a FLEX system at 6400 b/s. Give an estimate of the increase in capacity. (The answer will not be precise because the two

Single neuron model that we saw in class

For the single neuron model that we saw in class compute the gradient update for the weights, whenthe nonlinearity is a rectified unit:y(a) = a, a > 0 y(a)=0, a ≤ 0

Florida tech learning management system

Imagine you are tasked with designing a database that encompasses the Florida Tech Learning Management System (LMS) that you use on a daily basis. The following requirements

Write a function to evaluate a polynomial

Write a function to evaluate a polynomial at a given real value a. That is define a function eval(P,a) that takes a list (polynomial) P and a given real number a, and comput

Proposal for implementation of information technology

Investigate and present a proposal for the implementation of an Information Technology (IT) system for a small (4-user) business section (for example, Human Resources) of an


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