Discuss the types of ecological interactions

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Discuss the types of ecological interactions that different species microbes can participate in, whether the interaction is positive, negative or neutral for each party, and describe a microbial example of this type of interaction in detail.

Reference no: EM1398629

Why are homologous characteristics

Why are homologous characteristics more useful than analogouscharacteristics in constructing phylogenetic trees? What types oftrees might result from using analogous character

What are the electron acceptor and donor for fungi

Are fungi gram positive or gram negative? Explain based on the structure of its cellular envelope and explain the basis for your answer in terms of specific non-informationa

What are the characteristics for the three different bonds

How does atoms bind with each other? What are the characteristics for the three different bonds studied in class? What is pH? What is the normal pH of blood? How does or body

Is there hope for lake erie

We discussed the impact of pollution in both Lake Washington (Seattle) and Lake Erie (Great Lakes). Independent of their very different size, why have they responded so diff

How would you classify the benzopyrene

Xavier smoked large amounts of marijuana, and benozopyrene in the smoke damaged the DNA in his lung cells, which could eventually become cancerous if other factors are prese

Who is responsible for sex determination in humans

Who is responsible for sex determination in humans and Having hair on the back of the hands is a dominant trait. If two people who heterozygous for the condition have children

What will be the change in free energy

Women's bladders, on average, are smaller than those of men. The distribution of bladder volume in women is approximately N (400, 75) in milliliters. Find the proportion of wo

Write out the dna sequence

What series could you use to make a beta barrel with twelve antiparallel strands? Write out one repeat of the sequence as follows: M-(your sequence) 12.


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