Discuss the differences between leadership and power

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1. Define leadership, according to your assigned reading. ( Doesn't have to be from the reading, just define leadership).

2. What characteristics differentiate charismatic leaders from non-charismatic ones?

3. Define power and discuss the definition's three implications.

4. Discuss the differences between leadership and power.

5. What is political behavior? Provide some examples of political behavior.

6. what organizational factors contribute to political behavior?

7. how is conflict defined?

8. how might conflict increase group performance?

Reference no: EM13823469

Insured using analytics

Give two examples of corporate insured using analytics. What problem would the analytics be applied to & what form of analytics might be used in each of the two cases?

Understanding of pricing concepts to the product

Apply your understanding of pricing concepts to the product and prepare an informative summary that could be shared with your supervisor. The completed assignment should be

Discuss why a company might decide to save the money

Explain the advantages of utilizing these research firms. Discuss why a company might decide to save the money and utilize its in-house team as opposed to one of these firms

Illustrate what do you like/dislike about executive summary

Illustrate what do you like/dislike about the executive summary? Would you suggest that Jivasantikarn make any changes or addition to the executive summary if so illustrate w

Dynamic pricing model

Ride hailing services utilize a dynamic pricing model. Using supply and demand tools (you don't have to actually show the graphs... but they may help you on scratch paper)

Organizational structure appears to form

Review the structure of your health care insurance plan. From your readings, discuss what organizational structure appears to form the basis for your plan. Is it an IPA, a PP

Find the long-run equilibrium market price

The lumber industry (lumber is wood used in manufacturing) in a city is a perfectly competitive industry. The long-run cost function for a lumber firm is C(q)^2 +1000 where

Questions on project management

What is a project portfolio management system? Explain the considerations for designing such a system. Describe the importance to fully integrate the WBS with organization. In


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