Discuss authorization and authentication

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Discuss authorization and authentication and explain forms-based-authentication. Describe the use of the ControlToValidate, Validation expression, ErrorMessage, and Enabled properties of a validation control.

Reference no: EM131258943

Implement the backend for a list

Using an array to implement the backend for a list, create a list class that can contain integers and implements all of the following funtionality via the following function

Explain two major components of sql

1. What type of integrity is enforced when a primary key is declared? 2. Explain why it might be more appropriate to declare an attribute that contains only digits as a char

Ethical and one regulatory policy issue

List and define one legal, one ethical and one regulatory policy issue associated with health care and explain how each would be accommodated in a health care information sy

Npv of the investment for james

Fred is thinking about borrowing 10,000 from James. He promises James cash flows of $5000 for the next three years. If James cost of capital is 10 percent, what is the NPV o

Prince would pass a beggar in the streets

There is a legend that claims that everyday a Prince would pass a  beggar in the streets. One day the Prince offered to give the beggar  a million dollars that day, or a pen

Summarize the main points in the test plan

Assignment: Creating a Test Plan - In the previous assignments, you were tasked to develop a Web-based student registration system. Senior management was pleased with your p

Collection of authors

Modify the attached Book class to accommodate multiple authors using one of the components from the Java Collection Framework. Requires one book with an isbn and a Collectio

Command the obedience of followers

One classification of leaders is those who command the obedience of their followers. Others utilize their position to improve themselves, gaining enriching experiences, some


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