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A 2 dimensional list of integers will be used in this program (a list of lists). Each sublist is a "row". For example:

integerList = [[4, 7, 9], [3, 6, 7], [14, 13, 12], [6, 12, 222]]

A function that takes in a 2 dimensional list as shown as a parameter and returns True if all the rows add up to an even number, and returns False otherwise (if any of the rows add to an odd number). The function should work for sublists of any length (and of variable lengths -- for instance, a list such as [[1, 2], [5, 6, 7]] would be a valid input.  The program should work for a list with any number of sublists. Be sure to test the program with different list sizes and combinations of integers. Show test cases by writing a function that shows the results for several cases. This test function should run when your program starts up. Show the user what the test case is and the result.  The program must not require any user input.

Reference no: EM132184271

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