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First, make a list of as many different word document applications as you can find. •Second, research at least two different document processing applications in more detail. You cannot use Word as one of your choices. List the advantages and disadvantages (the pro and cons). •Third, describe how the two document processing applications that you researched compare to Word. You may need to search on the public web using a search engine like Google or Bing to help you compare the features of these applications. Only needs to be a paragraph or two. need it as soon as possible 

Reference no: EM13827454

Write advantages of group work on project

When working in group are you generally a leader, a follower, a slacker or some other role? Describe. Write down two advantages of group work and two disadvantages of working

Discussing the pros of deploying microsoft

Write an email to your boss discussing the pros (or cons) of deploying Microsoft's DirectAccess instead of keeping the legacy VPN solution. Explain what you'll need to get t

How do you recommend training the organization

Also, how do you recommend training the following below? Organization, Technical and Management. It's important to know your audience because you want your audience to underst

You will create a graphical user interface

You will create a Graphical User Interface that provides the user with access to the functionality of a Real Estate Management System. Such a system would typically be used by

Choosing a data integration type

In the Application Assignment in Unit 2, you created a database for your small retail store. Though business has been good, you decide to merge your company with another sma

Sketch a model of the total weights of a dozen eggs

Eggs. The ISA Babcock Company supplies poultry farmers with hens, advertising that a mature B300 Layer produces eggs with a mean weight of 60.7 grams. Suppose that egg weigh

What is a knowledge repository?

What is a knowledge repository? What is a community of practice? What is a chief knowledge office? What are his or her duties? What is natural language processing? What are th

Create a hypothetical schedule and budget

Using the skills gained from Modules 1-7, use 500 words or more to outline and describe the steps that you would take and tools that you might use to get this project back o


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