Differences between online and in-store retailing

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(1) Refer back to the logistical activities listed in Chapter 1; pick two that you're interested in and research how they have been influenced by the Internet. Are you surprised by your findings? Why or why not?

(2) From a logistical perspective, what are some of the differences between online and in-store retailing?

Reference no: EM13843218

What is relationship to logistics management

As you search the internet for logistics applications you may run into CRM, SCM, or ERP solutions. What do these acronyms mean and what is their relationship to logistics mana

Evolved from needs within the logistics community

Some unique technologies have evolved from needs within the logistics community. Two of these, RFID and simulation, have impacted not just processes within logistics, but also

Focus group technique for gathering customer feedback

Let’s look at the focus group technique for gathering customer feedback. Have you participated in a focus group session? How was your experience? What are the relative advanta

Break-even point-fixed costs-average order-variable costs

You are a marketing director for a Mexican Taco Restaurant located in Lynchburg, VA. The average order size of your customers is $7.00 per order. Using this formula, what is t

Process for integrating conceptual tools for sense-making

What steps would you suggest that could guide managers in integrating and applying the conceptual frames we've studied thus far? The response should represent a first attempt

After reviewing the waiting line analysis of problem

After reviewing the waiting line analysis of Problem 12, the manager of Pete’s Market wants to consider one of the following alternatives for improving service. What alternati

Explain the concept of the focus groups

Who uses focus groups? Explain the concept of the focus groups and give examples of companies that use them for marketing research. Give details of what you think a company wo

Disadvantages of using surveys to collect consumer data

How effective are surveys? Are Surveys an effective way to get accurate information? Use your own experiences of taking surveys and how effective you thought they were for the


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