Difference between data block-extent-segment and tablespace

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Understanding different parts of data storage and allocation in Oracle can aid recognize problems more easily. In your own words, give the description of difference between data block, extent, a segment, and a tablespace. Create the algorithm which will prompt for and accept current salary for each of faculty members, then compute and show their individual

Reference no: EM1381740

Disadvantages of having touch screen devices in workplace

Assess the value of touch screen devices related to human-computer interaction systems. Identify at least two advantages and two disadvantages of having touch screen devices

Data for making intelligent business decisions

Businesses today are extremely reliant on large amounts of data for making intelligent business decisions. Likewise, the data warehouses are often structured in a manner tha

Determine the thermal efficiency of this cycle

Determine the thermal efficiency of this cycle as a function of the compressor pressure ratio and the high-pressure turbine to compressor inlet temperature ratio. Compare yo

Internetwork the computers

You are the IT technician in charge of internetworking the computer systems. You have also been tasked with training the new employees on the use of the new Windows 8.1 inte

Social networking section of the key assignment

How do networking applications and virtual worlds for social interaction affect people's lives? Explain the positive and negative aspects of reality and virtual reality from b

Effective measure of living standards

1. What economic factors are taken into account when measuring GDP? 2. What makes GDP an effective measure of living standards? 3. How might quality-of-life measures be determ

How many bit comparisons are made

How many bit comparisons (both successful and unsuccessful) are made by the brute-force string-matching algorithm in searching for the pattern 11001 in a binary text of 500

Calculate the minimum repeater height

Calculate the minimum repeater height and transmitted EIRP for a repeater that must communicate with mobile stations over a 50 km radius, maintaining a minimum field strengt


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