Difference between circuit-switching and packet-switching

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Your answers should be in brief essay form. Brief essay means you should use three to five complete sentences. A complete sentence has a subject and a predicate as you learned in English grammar.


1. What is the difference between circuit-switching and packet-switching?

2. What are Internet backbones? Explain the concept of tier levels of ISPs and the relationshipbetween tier level network owners and Internet network owners and users.

3. How does the Internet Protocol (IP) enable two computers to send data to each other?(Explain the process of routing)

4. What is the purpose of the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)?

5. How does the Domain Name Service assist in the process of enabling users use names suchas www.bluegrass.kctcs.edu while the actual IP communication uses numbers for computeridentification?

Reference no: EM131192337

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