Devise a scheme for converting hexadecimal directly

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1. Convert to hexadecimal and then to binary:
(a) 757-2510
(b) 123.1710
(c) 356.8910
(d) 1063.510

2. Convert to octal. Convert to hexadecimal.Then convert both of your answers to decimal, and verify that they are the same.

(a) 111010110001.0112 (b) 10110011101.112 1.3 Convert to base 6:3BA.2514 (do all of the arithmetic in decimal).

2 (a) Convert to hexadecimal: 1457.1110.Round to two digits past the hexadecimal point. Convert to hexadecimal: 1457.1110. Round to two digits past the hexadecimal point.

(b) Convert your answer to binary, and then to octal.

(c) Devise a scheme for converting hexadecimal directly to base 4 and convert your answer to base 4.

(d) Convert to decimal:DEC.Ai6·

Reference no: EM131005037

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