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Design a free online website using the following languages tools HTML, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and MySQL, etc. The website also must include login screen: the input boxes should display "Enter Your Username" in Username and "Enter Your Password" in Password.

Inside mysql database, it must display all the data of the tables using PHP onto the webpage. The data inside the table must be colored code one by one to distinguish the difference, using arrays (do while loop operation is used), also the data can be edited and deleted from the webpage. It must be a professional website. The coding should use notepad without adding software such as Dreamweaver.

The website must be IT related topics

The website documentation must include the following information such as

Table of contents

• Introduction
• System profile
• Gantt chart start date 26.5.2012 end date 30.10.2012
• User case diagram
• ERD diagram
• Flow chart diagram
• GUI of the system including diagram to display how the system works
• Conclusion
• References

Additional Information:

This problem is it from Computer Science, particularly to Web Programming. The question here is about development of website using tools using HTML, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and MySQL. An online shopping website has been developed and coding has been attached in the solution.

Total Word Limit: 404 Words

Reference no: EM13829823

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