Develop an html web page to get four numbers

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1. Develop an HTML web page to get four numbers. You also need to set the background color to the blue with an external CSS.

2. Using a while loop; calculate the average of numbers in question#2. You also need to display result with an alert box.

Reference no: EM132184218

Write a small program in java that builds routing tables

Write a small program in Java that builds routing tables for nodes based on shortest path routing using dijkstras algorithm. Where path distance is measured by edges. The

Advance the quality of public service

"What I hope to accomplish in my field of study to advance the quality of public service."A. Two typewritten pages (8½ x 11, double-spaced)B. In writing your essay, please giv

Automata theory, grammars and languages ip

Task Background: This assignment involves solving problems by using various discrete techniques to model the problems at hand. Quite often, these models form the foundation

People contribution to project management

The effectiveness of projects is partly concerned with how people fit in and contribute to the success of the project. This means there may be synergies in group decision ma

How these implementations schedule parent and child process

Experiment with the program in Listing 24-5 (fork_whos_on_first.c) on other UNIX implementations to determine how these implementations schedule the parent and child process

Create a method called pterodactyl fly

Create a method called pterodactyl fly that will make the pterodactyl move forward while flapping its wings, and then create a loop in first method to make the pter

Array to mimic the behavior of the arraylist class

Design and implement a class that uses an array to mimic the behavior of the ArrayList class. Include as many methods from the ArrayList class as possible. Write a program t

Show that every n node binary search tree is not equally lik

Show that every n-node binary search tree is not equally likely (assuming items are inserted in random order), and that balanced trees are more probable than straight-line tre


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