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Your employer, SGA (Secretive government Agency), want you to develop an encryption program. After doing some research you have two candidate algorithms. According to your research, Algorithm 1 has cost Θ(n3), while algorithm 2 is listed as Ο(n4) and Ω(n2). Which one do you choose? How do you decide? What would you have to know to choose the other one?

Reference no: EM131193597

Forensic tools used by computer forensics examiners

This week you are reading and watching about the forensic tools used by Computer Forensics Examiners. While the two most popular tools are Guidance Software's EnCase and Acc

Determine the smallest horizontal force p

Determine the smallest horizontal force P required to just move block A to the right if the spring force is and the coefficient of static friction at all contacting surfaces

Find the continuation lines for a value

Next break the revised set of key value strings into the keys and values. Again use regular expressions to do this. Then create the names vector from these keys and values.

Did the attendance for 1998 follow your model

In 1998, Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa raced to break the homerun record. That year the attendance reached 70.6 million. Did the attendance for 1998 follow your model? Do you

Audit evidence process and strategic planning

In what possible ways can an IT auditor collect audit evidence in order to express opinions? List three (3) different techniques for project scheduling. What are computer-as

Create a datapath diagram

• Using Microsoft Visio or its open source alternative, create a Datapath Diagram for the following scenario: • Local user sends email to a Yahoo recipient. Local (corporate)

Loop control variable is not modified by every iteration

1.Describe the three elements that must be included in order for a loop to perform correctly. What will happen if these statements are not included? Provide examples.

Consider a market with two firms and a market

Consider a market with two firms and a market inverse demand:p= 90 - q , where q is the total market outputFirms have different marginal and fixed costs:Firm 1: c1 = 50 and FC


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