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Java Programming

Program 1: A palindrome is a string that reads the same both forward and backward. For example, the string ‘‘madam'' is a palindrome. Write a program that uses a recursive method to check whether a string is a palindrome. Your program must contain a value-returning recursive method that returns true if the string is a palindrome and false otherwise. Use appropriate parameters in your method.

Program 2: Write a method, insertAt, that takes four parameters: an array of integers; the length of the array; an integer, say, insertItem; and an integer, say, index. The method inserts insertItem in the array at the position specified by index. If index is out of range, output an appropriate message. (Note that index must be between 0 and arraySize, that is, 0 index arraySize.) You may assume that the array is unsorted.

Reference no: EM131178562

System of linear equations

Create a MATLAB function M-file called my_matrix_solver to solve a system of linear equations, using nested for loops instead of MATLAB's built-in operators or functions. Yo

What are project risks

What are project risks? What factors contribute to project risks? Do you believe the processes used by IT companies to assess project risks are effective? Why or why not? Di

Expecting the user to input two variable values

A painting company has determined that for every 115 square feet of wall space, 1 gallon of pain and 8 hours of labor will be required. The company charges $20.00 per hour f

Documents containing underlined phrases

Online documents containing underlined phrases or icons that a user can click in order to move immediately to related parts of the current document or to other documents wit

Consider the cms core measures and data

Consider the CMS core measures and the data used to support the reporting. Which do you believe are the easiest to collect and which do you think are the most difficult to c

Good relationship names and relationships types

Design and draw an ERD with entity types customer, employee, payment, account, vehicle and expense. use your own discretion and knowledge in database to connect them with go

Project steering committee

What is a project steering committee, and who all can serve on such a committee? What does the project steering committee do? Do all projects need to be approved by a projec

How do loops make program more efficient

Answer the following questions as part of one page paper in APA format and include the references: 1. How do loops make program more efficient? 2. What makes subprograms such


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