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Scrap rates per thousand (parts whose defects cannot be reworked) are compared for 5 randomly selected days at three plants. Does the data prove a significant difference in mean scrap rates?


Plant A Plant B Plant C

11.4 11.1 10.2

12.5 14.1 9.5

10.1 16.8 9.0

13.8 13.2 13.3

13.7 14.6 5.9

Reference no: EM1397456

Adjusting for a quiz score

What assumption tests should be used? A fifth grade science teacher want to know if there is a relationship between final exam scores and overall course points after adjusti

Confidence interval for the mean score of all bowlers

A study of 40 bowlers showed that their average score was 186. The standard deviation of the population is 6.  Construct a 95% confidence interval for the mean score of all bo

Compute mean-variance and squared coefficient of variation

Consider random variables X and Y with a joint pmf, given in the following table. Compute the conditional expectations E[X|Y = 1] and E[X|Y > 1].

Type of birth control practiced

Consider the variable "type of birth control practiced" (e.g. IUD, condoms, none, etc.O) Which measure of variability is best suited to describe variation of this variable?

What actions can firms take to earn a reputation for behave

Firms with a reputation for ethical behavior in strategic alliances are likely to have more opportunities to form cooperative strategies than those that have not earned this r

Problem regarding the various types of accounts

a. What is the probability that none of the accounts chosen will be delinquent? b. What is the probability that at most one of the ac­ counts chosen will be delinquent? c.

Determine sample size to use for survey

From past estimates, manager thinks that about 4% of customers have expressed dissatisfaction. What sample size must you use for this survey?

What is the expected lifetime of a minicomputer

What is the probability that no component of a minicomputer fails during the first 0.2 years of operation of that minicomputer? What is the probability that component 1 of a m


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