Determining accounting and gaap

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Discuss what is Accounting and why is it important? Be sure to include the different types of users of Accounting and their need for accounting.

What is GAAP and why is it important?

Please provide references if used in the answer.

Reference no: EM1355682

Determining the operating profit

A firm operated at 80% of capacity for the past year, during which fixed costs were $210,000, variable costs were 70% of sales, and sales were $1,000,000. Operating profit w

Do you believe one method is preferable to the other

Do you believe one method is preferable to the other? Why? Would you change the accounting standard to require one or the other method? Consider the perspectives of both the

Journal entry of allowance for bad debts

Battle Tank, Inc. had net sales in 2004 of $1,200,000. At December 31, 2004, before adjusting entries, the balances in selected accounts were: Accounts Receivable $250,000 d

Problem related to semiannual payments beginning

The SAS Co. entered into a lease on 1/1/09 with semiannual payments beginning 6/30/09. The leased equipment had a cost/FMV at inception of $1.2 million. Further assume that

Recognize the redemption of the bonds

The bond issue costs relating to this transaction were $90,000. Harry amortizes discounts, premiums, and bond issue costs using the straight-line method. What amount of loss

Bank reconciliation and entries

Beeler Furniture Company deposits all cash receipts each Wednesday and Friday in a night depository, after banking hours. The data required to reconcile the bank statement a

Demonstrate critical thinking skills on a job

Conduct some online research and locate a job requirement for a position that is local to you. Is a specific degree level required for this position - Demonstrate critical t

Problem regarding expected net income

What would expected net income be if the company experienced a 10 percent increase in fixed costs and 10 percent increase in sales volume?


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