Determine who should be held liable for any breaches
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Question :"Securing Data" Please respond to the following:

In this global age of information, suggest which threats are posed to the principles of confidentiality and privacy, related to offshore outsourcing of various information systems functions. Provide support for your rationale.

Determine who should be held liable for any breaches that occur, and indicate the course(s) of action that should be taken.


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In this era of e commerce and rapid changing technology, it becomes necessary for every organization to develop its business by using a wide range of IT based equipment and internet products. Over the years there has been a wide usage of internet facility for the promotion, marketing and selling or providing goods online on a real time basis.
With the usage of IT and internet, organization has gained much in terms of monetary and goodwill, it has able to spread its existence over the world at a minimum cost.
But we know that benefits comes with some disadvantages. With the extensive use of IT and internet various kinds of new risk and threats are arisen which negatively affect the utilization and use of information technology. Risk such as:

1. Theft of personal information;
2. Theft of money through online transaction;
3. Disrupting the business through various ways like denial of service attacks, virus attacks;
4. Frauds.

Thus it has become very important for the organization to develop and establish various cyber security measures in business to keep the business safe and protected against cyber threat.

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