Determine whether the constant was too conservative

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Electrical-Resistance Heater (Chapters 2, 3, 6, and 10) In Chapters 2, 3, and 6 you determined the required heat transfer coefficients for water flowing over the outside surface of a heating element. Those solutions required an assumption that by limiting the heating element surface temperature to 100°C, surface boiling could be eliminated. Given the operating pressure of the system and your understanding of convective boiling heat transfer, determine whether the constant was too conservative. If it was, refine your hot water heater design.

Reference no: EM131281689

Design a heat pipe cooling system for a spherical satellite

Design a heat pipe cooling system for a spherical satellite that dissipates 5000 W/m3 , has a surface area of 5 m2 , and cannot exceed a temperature of 120°C. All the heat mus

Calculate the thickness of ice formed after three hours

The temperature of a 100-m-diameter cooling pond is 7°C on a winter day. If the air temperature suddenly drops to -7°C, calculate the thickness of ice formed after three hou

Estimate the time required to freeze vegetables in thin

Air at -12°C is blowing at 4 m/s over the cans, which are stacked to form one long cylinder. The physical properties of the vegetables before and after freezing can be taken

Calculate the rate of steam condensation

The one-pass condenser, heat exchanger shown in the sketch has 64 tubes arranged in a square array with 8 tubes per line. The tubes are 4 ft long and are made of copper with

Estimate the rate of steam condensation per unit length

A vertical, rectangular water duct 1 m high and 0.10 m deep shown in the sketch is placed in an environment of saturated steam at atmospheric pressure. If the outer surface

Equation to model the problem

Write an equation to model the problem. Let t represent the number of years after 2003. Also, let your equation be in the form "expression - expression = expression".

What is the half-life of the material

A sample of a certain radioactive material decays to 89.36% of its mass after 2 years. a. What is the half-life of the material? show your calculations and keep four significa

Middle-aged men had developed diabetes

According to a study in a medical journal, 202 of a sample of 5,990 middle-aged men had developed diabetes. It also found that men who were very active (burning about 3,500


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