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A lathe machine which has a natural variation due to vibration given by std. dev (sigma) = 0.0001". This machine has been chosen to machine a straight pin of 1.000" diameter (nominal design) with a tolerance of +/- 0 .0001".
45 samples are tested and the grand mean ( x double bar) is determined to be 1.000" . The subgroup size for the test samples is 3. (A2 comes from the table on page 320 for subgroups of 3). R bar for the range is given as .005. Use the formulas on page 320 and 325 to calculate the items below.
Specification limits are the nominal design plus the tolerance (upper specification limit) and the nominal minus the tolerance (lower specification limit)
1. Upper specification limit =
2. Lower specification limit =
3. Upper Control Limit (UCL) for X bar =
4, Lower Control Limit (LCL) for X bar =
5. Process Capability CP= (USL-LSL)/6 (sigma) =

Reference no: EM13109529

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