Determine the volume flow rate from the manning equation

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1.A closed storage building is located on open flat terrain in central ohio. If the side wall of the building is 20ft high, determine the external wind pressure acting on the windward and leeward walls. Each wall is 60ft long.

2.Water flows uniformly in a rectangularlined with a glass surface 0.018, channel width is b=10m, the flow depth is y=0.5m ,slope is =0.008 determine the volume flow rate from the manning equation and the critical depth

Reference no: EM13559278

Calculate equivalent pipe size and flow in the pipe

Water is transported from a reservoir at higher elevation to another reservoir through a series of three pipes. The first pipe of 400mm diameter is 500 m long, the second pipe

Determine magnitude of force p acting on crate and ground

If the 50 kg crate starts from rest and travels a distance of 6m up the plane in 4s, determine the magnitude of force P acting on the crate. The coefficient of Kinetic frict

Compute the volume of the water squeezed out of the clay

A 10,000 ft3 mass of saturated clay had a void ratio of 0.962 and a specific gravity of solids of 2.71. A fill was then placed over this clay, causing it to compress. Howeve

Find the probability that student smokes but does not drinks

Suppose that in a senior college class of 500 students it is found that 210 smoke, 258 drink alcoholic beverages, 216 eat between meals, 122 smoke and drink alcoholic bevera

Determine the adequacy of the design using basic principles

For the eccentric shear loading of the accompanying figure, 7/8 inch diameter A325 bolts are used in two vertical lines in a bearing-type (A325-X) connection. The loading is

Determine what is the shear stress on the plane pq

A plastic bar fit snugly between rigid supports at room temp. (68)but with no initial stress. When the temperature of a bar israised to 160 F the compressive stress on an in

Trial section selected checked revised ifnecessary

Select the lightest available W14 section for column tosupport the axial compression loads Pd=150k and Pl=200 k if KL =14ft and A572 grade 50 steel is used. Column is assumed

Determine the values of speed and oncentration at capacity

A study of the traffic using a tunnel showed that the following speed-concentration relationship applies. Find the capacity of the tunnel, the values of speed and oncentration


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