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1.Two steel rods with fixed supports at A and C are attached by a rigid flange at point B and a downward load of 120 kN is applied to the flange. The upper rod has a cross section of 800 mm^2 and the lower rod has a cross section fo 1,600 mm^2. If the modulus of elasticity is 200 GPa determine the normal stress in each rod. Show all work.

2.The bent road has an E=200 GPa, G=75 GPa, and a radius of 30 mm. Use Castigliano's theorem and determine the vertical deflection at C. Include the effects of bending, shear, and torsional strain energy.

3.Compute departures, latitudes, linear misclosure, and relative precision for the traverse: azimuth AB is fixed at 74degrees31'17''. A=105deg13'14" B=92deg36'06" C=67deg15'22" D=217deg24'30" E=57deg30'38"(line BC bears NW). The lengths of the sides (in feet) are as follows:


Reference no: EM13543433

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