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A pesticide inhibits the activity of a particular enzyme, which can therefore be used to assay for the presence of the pesticide in an unknown sample. a) In the laboratory, the initial rate data shown in the table below were obtained. What type of inhibitor (competitive, uncompetitive, non-competitive) is the pesticide? Determine the values of Vmax, KM, and KI. v, M/min x 106 S, M No inhibitor 10-5 M inhibitor 3.3 x 10-4 56 37 5.0 x 10-4 71 47 6.7 x 10-4 88 61 1.65 x 10-3 129 103 2.21 x 10-3 149 125

Reference no: EM131317518

Why strong electrolytes completely dissociate

Show how each of the following strong electrolytes "breaks up" into its component ions upon dissolving in water by drawing molecular-level pictures. a. NaBr f. FeSO4 b. MgCl

Calculate the capacitance of the capacitor

Now the capacitor is cut in two as shown in Figure 6.47h. Calculate the capacitance of one of the two smaller capacitors thus created. Is the sum of the capacitance of the t

Calculate e for the condensation of one mole of water

When one mole of H2O(g) is condensed to one mole of H2O(l) at 1.00 atm and 100.C, 40.66 kJ of heat is released. If the density of H2O(l) at this temperature and pressure is

Estimate the amount of adsorbent needed

The activated carbon adsorbent has average bulk density 120 kg/m3 and heat capacity 0.7 J/g.°C. The solvent flammability limits in air are 2.5 to 12.0 vol% at 293 K and 1.2

Salts in the formula equation

What acid and what strong base would react in aqueous solution to produce the following salts in the formula equation? Write the balanced formula equation for each reaction.

Famous new zealand scientist ernest rutherford

6. Famous New Zealand scientist Ernest Rutherford was awarded a Nobel Prize in which field? 7. What is the chemical symbol for gold? 8. K is the chemical symbol for

Calculate the gross and net calorific values

Using the data given in Appendix C (available online at booksite, calculate the gross and net calorific values of the gas. Give your answer in MJ/m3, a

Calculate the concentration of all ions

Calculate the concentration of all ions present in each of the following solutions of strong electrolytes. a. 0.0200 mol of sodium phosphate in 10.0 mL of solution b. 0.300


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